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I’m a reporter at Quartz where I cover technology, economics, politics and the environment. We live in interesting times. I try to make sense of them.  

My reporting days started at the Vero Beach Press Journal, Palm Beach Post and the San Jose Mercury News before I headed to Cambodia to serve as a reporter (and then managing editor) of ThPhnom Penh Post. I’ve handled a lot of newsprint.

My byline has appeared in Foreign Policy, The Economist (print and online), The Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, Outside, Voice of America, The Globe and Mail, and FastCompany.

Find me on Twitter, or in San Francisco. My newsletter is here. I’ve also lectured, edited, photographed, sailed, founded a company and spent four years living overseas, most of them in Asia. I have not learned to whistle, but I’m still trying. I studied economics and environmental science at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and journalism at Emory University.

My CV is here.